• Dado ExteriorLine™ on Norfolk Southern HQ
  • Dado ExteriorLine™ EHL25


Illuminate the exterior of your building with lines of light on the building. Surface material* (metal, tile, stone, etc.) can abut ExteriorLine™ housing sides may be mounted in walls, ceilings, and across corners – from horizontal to vertical and “LT” Left Turn or “RT” Right Turn on the same plane (degrees 90 to 179 and every angle in between); pre-assembled at the factory. ETL listed, IC rated, wet location.

* If wood on 3 sides, drill 3/4” holes behind fixture every 6” to ensure adequate venting.


  • 1.5″ and 2.5″ widths. Order to any length. One-piece extrusions up to 123″ (3.12m). Multiple extrusions couple together with brass barrel connector & bolt assembly plus alignment pins for a secure fit and straight alignment.
  • Shallow lines of light with IP65 rating for exterior (or interior) applications.

  • Mounts on or within hard surfaces.

  • Remote driver for easy maintenance & maximum life.

  • Order in any length for a precise fit.

  • 1.75″ depth meets ADA when surface mounted.

  • Illuminated corners: Inside, Outside, Left or Right.