• Norfolk Southern HQ with Dado Lighting OutLine™.
  • Dado Lighting OutLine traces upper edge of NCR building.
  • NCR HQ with Dado Lighting OutLine™.


Shallow exterior-grade fixtures provide a visually wide line of light. Order in any length, Fixture breaks are planned for each individual project to occur within the rhythm of the architecture, ie floor to floor curtain wall, precast panel joints, expansion joints. Anodized and painted after fabrication ensures all components are protected from corrosion. IP67 Rated Light engine in W, RGB, RGBW configurations.


  • 4.0” width.
  • Shallow fixtures are easy to integrate into exterior facade.
  • Provides more visual presence than narrow neon-like replacements.
  • Angle ends, turns, and outside corners are designed to provide uninterrupted lines of light at critical corners.
  • Remote power supplies put the sensitive electronics in easy to service interior or parapet zones.
  • Can provide left/right turns and inside/outside corners providing unlimited flexibility in patterns.


  • OutLine™  (Last Modified: 8/26/2019)